The Children (Performance) Regulations 1968 state that a Child Performance License is required by any child working in the entertainment industry until you reach 16 and have left school.


Each Local Authority requires specific information each time you apply for a license. Although they try and turn around applications as quickly as possible it is recommended that you apply a minimum of 21 days prior to the date of engagement to ensure that you receive it in time. 


When you make an application you will need to supply the following information:


  • Part 1 of licence application (agency to complete)

  • Part 2 of licence application (parent to complete)

  • Signed medical declaration (parent to ask GP complete)

  • Signed letter from the Head Teacher to authorise the absence from school (parent to obtain)

  • 2x passport photographs

  • Copy of birth certificate or passport


We will supply you with the relevant forms as and when you require them but it is imperative that these are returned as quickly as possible. 


You may perform without a license for up to four days, but only if:


  • the job is unpaid

  • no absence from school is required

  • you have not performed on more than three occasions in the previous six months (performances arranged by school, scouts, guides, youth clubs etc are exempt from licensing)


If you have performed on over 3 occasions in the last six months you will require a license regardless of whether the job is paid or unpaid. It is vital that you keep track of your performances throughout the year as you will be required to provide dates within the application.

If you have any questions about licensing please ask. We understand that it can be quite daunting the first time you go through the process so are here to help guide you through it all!